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“A web of support that’s growing social enterprise activity in Lancaster district.

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Lattice Works Programme is working on limited capacity from April 2013.

If you want support from Lattice Works you should get in touch. See contacts below

Lattice Works supports Lancaster District not for profit organisations become more sustainable through social enterprise.

Lattice Works consists of the following initiatives:

logoSeedlings: Social enterprise start up and signposting information
Designed for individuals, volunteers, smaller organisations or new groups that want to know a little more about social enterprise. Provided as a community service by Shared Future CIC.
Now open for business
, but reduced time available from April 2013

logoSEED: Social Enterprise Encouragement and Development
1 to 1 advice and support for new or existing organisations. Your first point of contact, SEED can help you investigate if the social enterprise model can help you develop a more financially sustainable approach and support you through the transition process.
Now open for business, but reduced time available from April 2013

logoPIP: Our innovative Participatory Investment Programme
A democratic way to invest our limited resources in locally based social enterprise. Development awards will be available for new services and products, decided by the real experts - those actually undertaking social enterprise and community led initiatives in Lancaster district.
Round 1, 2 and 3 are complete. We will let you know if there will be another round but for now we are not accepting applications.

logoThrive: Group based training workshops
Suitable for those considering social enterprise for the first time or established social enterprises planning to establish a new service.
Round 2 completed... No new dates planned so far

logoAction-Learning: Structured peer to peer leadership support programme
Collaborative peer to peer leadership and strategic skills learning programme.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining an action learning set

logoNetwork: Collaboration on sustainable social enterprise projects
Built on the existing North Lancashire Social Enterprise network. Creating opportunities to collaborate, share skills and address changing needs in our community. This includes promoting better understanding about social enterprise. Your first stop should be the North Lancashire Social Enterprise website.
More information coming soon...

NLSE logo
Empowering our local communities to work together and invest in greener, fairer enterprise.


Adding value to Lancaster District

Shared Future LogoPowered By Shared Future CIC.       Visit our website to find out more about us

Lattice Works is designed to connect with other support available to the voluntary and community sectors and not duplicate existing services. We are working closely with Lancaster District CVS (LDCVS), Social Enterprise Lancashire Network(SELNET) and the members of the North Lancashire Social Enterprise network(NLSE) to fill gaps and add in extra support options. We are establishing a social enterprise stakeholder reference group to help guide our work.

Lattice Works is funded by Lancaster District Local Strategic Partnership (LDLSP). Delivered by Shared Future CIC, it seeks to provide accessible practical support, including where necessary small scale financial help.

LDLSP was dissolved in March 2012, and the programme was originally intended to finish in March 2013 but limited funding for Latticeworks continues until Autumn 2013.



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Lattice Works is funded by Lancaster District Local Strategic Partnership
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Lattice Works is delivered by Shared Future CIC

In partnership with Latent Promise